Tablets hit the PC (personal computer) market and take a lot of market shares of the PC, and over time, users are switching to the tablet more than a laptop or desktop even at home.

The point that most users like tablet is its compact size and a touchscreen. With a compact size device, it can fit into most bags and ready to go wherever you want. And the touchscreen helps it more simple to use, all you just need is touch, touch and touch.


So, if you use a tablet to browse the web, use social networking apps or check your email; which is the main point you will use to select the right tablet?

  1. Operating system

There are four popular operating systems (OS) for tablets at the moment, including Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows and BlackBerry.

As you know, iOS and Android are both popular mobile OS and running in a lot of devices more than others. Both operating systems have its own marketplace with million apps, lets users download for free or purchase to use.

However, with the announcement and release of the Windows 10, especially the Windows 10 Mobile edition, the Windows tablet share will grow again and predict take much place of the others. Microsoft wants its new operating system will be compatible with most devices and has a friendly user interface, easy to use.

  1. RAM memory and internal storage

Most tablets now have at least 1GB of RAM as well as 8GB of internal storage. It’s enough to run the mobile OS and do most tasks with the tablet. You can also expand the internal storage with MicroSD card slot, except Apple iOS. In addition, the cloud storage is also a good alternative way to store your files like photos, music as well as video.

  1. Screen size and resolution

Tablets have display size range from 6-inch to 12-inch, depends on brands and models. However, the best is the 9.7 inch tablet with HD display or Full HD display, it’s a great display size and comfortable for most users.

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  1. Wireless connectivity

This is one of the main factors that most users looking for, because without the internet, most tablets are useless. Imagine you have a tablet without Wi-Fi connectivity, all you can do is just playing some offline games, write documents and save on the internal storage. That’s all. So why you would to purchase that kind of tablet?

Don’t worry, most of tablets at the moment have Wi-Fi connectivity and maybe come with 3G/4G LTE, depends on the models. So you don’t miss anything.

  1. Battery life

As you know, tablets are portable device and you can bring to anywhere you want, and by that, the battery life is extremely important. You may have heard that the battery of the tablet is 3000mAh, 4000mAh or even 6000mAh, but do you know how many hours it can work until totally turn off?

There are three factors that affected to the battery life of the tablet: display size, brightness of the display and what did you do with the tablet. For example, the smaller screen size will take less battery than the large one, and the same with the highest brightness setup.

I just want to share my experiences and knowledges about the tablet, that will help you to choose the right tablet for your purposes.

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