Improvements in industries not normally associated with the digital age have been noticeable, as digital technology evolves almost daily. Today, it is commonplace for medical transcription services and even emergency medical help to be provided online. It wasn’t too long ago that computer programming and software engineering were seen as niche industries; now they are growth industries and the people working in them earn more than most other professionals.


Advances in technology have even managed to blur the line between what is a service and what is considered a product; Augmented reality programs, video games and other media are examples of apps technologies that provide a usable product that also provides content, making them both a service and a product.

CGI is defined as the creation of computer generated programs that produce high resolution videos, movies, graphics and images, and it is a good example of ever evolving technology leading to an innovative product. CGI developers need to be up to date with the latest trends and developments in this field, making it a more challenging job than you might think.

A highly imaginative mind is a must for anyone considering a career in the field, as well as an interest in and an aptitude for technology. Coming up with thought provoking content that captures and retains the attention of the viewer is the name of the game, rather than just coming up with something that looks better than your competitors. After all, most of us see hundreds of images on the computer daily; it needs to be something a little more dynamic than that.

Most employers in the CGI industry offer excellent compensation packages, and the demand for skilled professionals is often greater than the supply, making it an attractive career prospect. Those working in this field can enjoy a new business philosophy, as most CGI companies are start up companies, with a lot more flexibility than the regular 9 to 5 office routine. Maintaining a work life balance can often be a challenge, but many CGI careers make that a lot more manageable, and many developers do their best work at night. Keeping up with trends in the CGI industry and constantly striving to come up with something better and different ensures that the job will never be boring, and most CGI employees can honestly say they enjoy their work.

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