Are you looking for a good projector system for your upcoming seminar? Well, you can take to Casio YC400 here as it’s one of the most recommended projectors today. The cutting-edge is designed to capture photos, objects and documents in JPEG format & it can add them to your Microsoft PPT presentations.

It should be stressed here that when you are integrating this Casio device into your presentation set-up, you are getting something more than just a camera. The YC400 promises integrated scanning facility that can turn documents into the JPEG style & it’s also admired for capturing crisp photos that are dragged into PPT.

Casio YC400

The detachable camera unit is surely one of the most notable aspects of the Casio manual. You are getting a 4MP digital camera here which detaches easily for the hand-held applications. You can remove it from stand in case you are looking to use the camera as stand-alone shooting aide. The YC400 camera is able to capture & project the images of 3D objects, entire whiteboard data & all other data which are used during presentation or meeting. The images recorded by the camera could be stored in the computer memory in case you want them in future. The YC400 camera is DPOF & DCF compliant. It carries 10 MB flash internal memory and there is a card slot to make way for your SD card. The camera comes with image deletion capacity.

Then, the YC400 camera is backed by a solid-state CCD silicon chip which carries numerous photosensitive diodes known as photo sites. The Casio YC400 CCD is really unique & has garnered kudos for its consistent & superior images.

The YC400 comes with 5 modes-

One is the Document camera mode that is needed to shoot images of objects or paper documents placed on PJ stand. The other one is Scanner Mode that helps you record image of a document placed on PJ stand. The 3rd one is PC Image mode which is needed to conduct presentation with images saved in the hard disk of a computer. Then, you have Camera Imaging mode that helps to conduct presentation with images from camera memory.  The last one is Presentation mode that allows to conduct presentation with images saved in PPT.

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