I have a companion who recently purchased a versatile screen defender cutter from abroad, its equipped for creating screen defender of ANY cell telephone, and ANY model is alight. Presently he offers the screen defenders to shops where offer cell telephones or cellular telephone extras. I can’t help to presenting such astounding progressed cutting edge machine to you.


It appears it’s not that hard to begin the matter of offering screen defenders, when you got the right machine to deliver the screen defenders, and find the purchasers. For customary method for cutting screen defender, it’s using the cutting, which could be worth many thousands dollars for each one machine, while still with restricted models. The machine my companion purchased is known as the “Daqin programmed cellular telephone screen defender cutting machine”, the astounding part is that it has a product run on machine which has a huge amount cell telephone screen defender layouts. The machine simply slice as indicated by the format information in the machine. Also, you can draw a screen defender format without anyone else’s advice and after ward cut it, truly amazing.

The versatile screen defender cutter uses Co2 laser for cutting. It cut on a PET/PVC screen defender film with size of 20*30cm which can typically get 7 bits of screen defender for iphone 5 for instance. It cost around 3 to 5 minutes to cut 7 bits of iphone 5 screen defender. Along these lines, that is to say on the off-chance that it meets expectations 24 hours it can deliver around 3,360 pieces iphone 5 screen defenders.

Really the key point is not the amount of screen defender, yet the models are key. Since the clients own different brand and model of cell telephones, they call for distinctive models screen defender. On the off-chance that you can supply ALL models screen defenders, your business is less demanding to do since you have more clients. While if you happen to meet an uncommon cell telephone, you could simply draw the screen defender format on the product, and after ward let the machine slice as indicated by the layout, really simple.

Likewise, the portable screen defender cutter could be introduced in a shop where it offers cell telephones and extras. There will be interest for applying screen defender. Once the client come and tell their cell telephone number, you can instantly cut the screen defender by the machine and after that apply it on the telephone to procure cash.

Most importantly, it simple to begin the matter of offering screen defenders when you have one set of the Daqin programmed cell telephone screen defender cutting machine.

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