Timelines are the way of displaying a list of events in chronological order. It can be also described as a project creator or an artefact. Typically it is a graphic design which shows a long bar labelled with dates and events. Timelines generally use linear scale, in which a passage of distance is equal to set amount of time. Timeline creates of evolution can span millions of years while created of project base can span weeks.

The time is introducing verities of technologies to complete some task. Same applies to timeline creation previously it was drawn or printed on paper but now different types of software’s  are introduced which makes your timelines digital, interactive and unrestricted. It can be used in any profession whether you are a teacher, event planner, project manager or student it is the best to visual way to draw out your plan or event. Any industry can use it from historical moments to business events and scenarios; you can easily visualize the information…

Different types of timelines are there which you can generate:

There are different types of timelines which you can easily generate, vertical to horizontal and interactive to static.

1: Gantt chart timeline:  A Gantt chart timeline is a view which makes easy to tracking the project. It is also known as the horizontal bar chart. In this form of chart, you can easily see your project tasks and how they are related to each other over the passage of time. For managing big or small projects we can say that it is a perfect timeline.

2: Vertical bar chart timeline:  Vertical bar chart timeline helps you in tracking the time against amounts. It is generally created to measure growth or money which is raised for cause or event. With the passes of time vertical bar goes up as the fund of monetary increases on the y-axis. It is useful for business analysts or finance teams who measures the motion of gain.

3: Chronology chart:  Chronology chart creates timelines in specific orders. They visualize events in sequence and specific order with time. The chart starts with a strict order with the earliest event on the left of the x-axis and latest event on the right horizontal layout. If you are working on to create historical events than it can be the best option for you.

4: Static timeline: Static timelines is the combination of both vertical bar chart timeline and chronology chart, in this form of timeline the information does not remove or change. The data is shown only at one time and one cannot analyze an entry to collect more information.

5: Interactive timeline: It is a timeline which you can move, scroll or change the data set in real time. You can go for this one if you are working on a project that spans by time.

So, if you are in the field in which you have to create lots of charts and timelines you can go for timeline software’s available online as well as in the market.

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