Property investment has become a well sorted after profession in the present real estate market, with the Internet to thank for. The internet has brought about the means for everyone to effectively buy and sell their properties easily. But just looking at a cheap property for sale in Mumbai and being swept away by its looks is not called sensible investing. Investing involves a lot of analysis which can save you from a bad deal.

These tips will help you to analyse a property before you buy it, so that you know you are investing in a good place.


Let’s look at some basic deciding factors first. After you have liked a home, you must find out these things-

  • Is the property at a reasonable distance from your workplace and your children’s school?
  • Does the property have amenities like hospitals, shopping centres, restaurants, etc. nearby?
  • Is the crime rate of the area low enough to be habitable without the fear of death?
  • Is the area a happening neighbourhood where future projects are to be developed?
  • Does the property have ample parking space?
  • Is the vacancy rate reasonable in this area?
  • Will the property sell easily if you ever decide to let it go?

The answers to these questions will help you to decide over the property easily. But that is not all. If you are going to live in the house yourself with your family, then the above factors should be enough to make a decision. But if you are going to invest and rent it out to generate some monthly income and then sell it later, then there is more to it.

You should make sure that the cheap property for sale in Mumbai will easily sell. So ensure that it is in a happening area where families would like to reside. Also, make sure that you include all the potential repairs, if any, in the purchase price. This will help you calculate the profits that you will earn when you sell it after a few years. Also make sure that the vacancy rate in the area is low and that you can get tenants easily. A rented out flat is better than a vacant one, as it will generate a steady monthly income for you, apart from increasing its value over time.

Such calculations are necessary before investing in a property, as they ensure that you lose nothing and profit heavily. So make sure to go through these factors thoroughly before you place your money on a property.

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